Arksey Forest Services is a hand falling and bucking contractor operating throughout British Columbia.

Productivity & Yield

Arksey Forest Services goal is to maintain a slow and manageable growth, combining the utmost respect for the safety of our fallers with concern for the sustainability of land and resources.

Arksey Forest Services staff is experienced in all methods of manual falling and bucking, as well as key falling-related services: conventional timber falling, heli-falling, selective harvest, right-of-way falling, and helicopter pad construction.
Safety Program

At Arksey Forest Services our primary goal is the wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Safety has been the cornerstone of our success and will continue to be our greatest strength as we move into the future.
Environmental Sustainability

Arksey Forest Services’ staff have been trained in all of our customers’ respective environmental management systems, S-100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety training, and danger tree assessment; while we continually monitor operations...
First Nations Policy

Arksey Forest Services has worked with and on First Nations land throughout Vancouver Island, as well as training First Nations fallers to gain the experience necessary to earn certification. We respect not only the beliefs and perspectives...
Quality of Work

Maximizing the value of any log starts at the stump, with the faller. Accordingly, at Arksey Forest Services we take every reasonable measure to save out the value of each tree we fall and buck, working closely with our individual customers.

All of our fallers and supervisors are certified to BC Forest Safety Council standards. Arksey Forest Services has been a ‘Safe Certified’ company since 2008