About Us

In business since early 2008, Arksey Forest Services is a hand falling and bucking contractor operating throughout British Columbia.

We employ certified independent contractors and qualified supervisors with extensive experience in coastal falling and bucking. Our crews are familiar with all phases of timber falling, including helicopter, right-away, and conventional falling techniques. Our company goal is to expand to a single-stem program as opportunities – and the industry itself – expands.

Over the past five years, Arksey Forest Services has undertaken many successful projects throughout coastal British Columbia, working for such prestigious companies as Ashlaur Trading, Southview Forest Services, Western Forest Products, and Pilldolla Creek Contracting.

Arksey Forest Services’ management philosophy merges safety of our team, quality of our work, efficiency of operations and sustainability of resources.

Our annual volume in 2010 and 2011 was 80,000 cubic meters; in 2012 our volume grew to 110,000 cubic meters, and we intend to sustain this trend throughout 2013 and beyond.

At Arksey Forest Services, we are proud to have both earned and maintained an uninterrupted ‘Safe Company Certified’ status throughout our years of operation.

Productivity & Yield

Arksey Forest Services Arksey Forest Services goal is to maintain a slow and manageable growth, combining the utmost respect for the safety of our fallers with concern for the sustainability of land and resources.


Arksey Forest Services staff is experienced in all methods of manual falling and bucking, as well as key falling-related services: conventional timber falling, heli-falling, selective harvest, right-of-way falling, and helicopter pad construction. We provide falling and bucking services in any environment, including remote camps

At Arksey Forest Services our primary goal is the wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Safety has been the cornerstone of our success and will continue to be our greatest strength as we move into the future.

Arksey’s management philosophy merges quality, efficiency, sustainability, and safety, with the wellbeing of our fallers and supervisors emerging as a paramount company value. This principle is operationalized through staff training that stresses supervision, planning, and coordination – training that starts with management and flows through to contractors in all phases.

Our safety strategy includes auditing, communicating, monitoring/mentoring, documenting, learning, and certifying policies.

We have developed and deployed a highly successful Occupational Health & Safety Plan; distribute safety standards communications and hold safety orientations and meetings; run worksite and stump audits; employ safety monitoring and safe workplace mentoring initiatives; hold WHMIS, EMS, and ‘BC Faller Training’ certifications; and have a documentation system that tracks all of our company’s standards, policies, measures, goals, and compliances with regard to the safety of our employees.

All of our fallers and supervisors are certified to BC Forest Safety Council standards. Arksey Forest Services has been a ‘Safe Certified’ company since 2008 – a status we endeavour to maintain, while continually striving to exceed the basic requirements of safety certification.

Arksey Forest Services has worked with and on First Nations land throughout Vancouver Island, as well as training First Nations fallers to gain the experience necessary to earn certification. We respect not only the beliefs and perspectives of the many West Coast nations, but their longstanding traditions and independent laws.

Our operations philosophy is to integrate the cultural concerns and economic interests of First Nations communities, through developing site-specific work plans for sustainable logging in open consultation with local leadership. In both training and employment, Arksey Forest Services welcomes the opportunity to work with First Nations candidates to the mutual benefit of individual, company, and community.

Environmental Sustainability

Arksey Forest Services’ staff have been trained in all of our customers’ respective environmental management systems, S-100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety training, and danger tree assessment; while we continually monitor operations in order to maintain the highest environmental sustainability standards, with respect for legal principles, local values, and cultural concerns.

Quality of Work

Maximizing the value of any log starts at the stump, with the faller. Accordingly, at Arksey Forest Services we take every reasonable measure to save out the value of each tree we fall and buck, working closely with our individual customers. Anchoring this strategy is our belief that an excellent falling plan, along with strategic faller placement and close supervision, is the best way to combine high quality of work and superior productivity standards in any falling operation


" We have used Arksey Forest Services in many different situations and have always found them to be both safe and professional. They do what they say they will do and if we had a unique situation where we need help, they were always there to provide us with the support we needed. "

- Tom Pick Ashlaur Trading Inc.

" Arksey worked at Mid Island Forest Operation from April 2013 to July 2013. During this time at Western as a phase falling contractor, Arksey has helped contribute to a team environment. Arksey has demonstrated good quality and productivity, while upholding a high safety standard. Arksey Forest Services has proven to be a dependable and accountable falling contractor, whom I recommend as a reliable falling contractor. "

- Robert Ravi, RPF WFP - Mid Island Forest Operation

All of our fallers and supervisors are certified to BC Forest Safety Council standards. Arksey Forest Services has been a ‘Safe Certified’ company since 2008